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Are you a Startup? Discover how Clear Focus Consulting can help you

Start Ups

You’d love to get your business idea off the ground and heading in the right direction, but you may feel so overwhelmed by all the different ideas, information and advice that you just don’t know where to begin.

You may be worried about making a wrong decision and wasting valuable time and money heading down the wrong path. Or perhaps you are lacking the confidence to take a leap of faith.

If you’ve got a great business idea but you’re wondering whether you’ve got what it takes to make it a success, we can help you get started.


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You’ve been in business by yourself for a while but you may be feeling frustrated by the constant day to day demands that are stopping you from making the progress you’d love.

You may be overwhelmed, wearing lots of hats, constantly working without a break, moving from task to task and finding you’re never able to get everything done and take time out for yourself or your family, no matter how hard you work.

Maybe you’re struggling to find people you can trust to delegate work to. Perhaps you’re fed up of the “boom and bust” cycle of money coming in.

Or maybe you’re enjoying a certain amount of success already and are now ready to take your business to the next level.

Whatever stage your business is in, we can help you move forward.


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Owner Managers

You’ve already built your business to the point where you now have a team of people working with you but you still seem trapped in the day to day activities much more than you’d like to be.

You may have big ideas for your business but are overwhelmed and frustrated that you never seem to have enough time or energy for you and your family or to deliver the projects that will really move you forward.

Or you may simply be wondering how you can increase your profits or scale up your business to the next level.

Wherever you want to take your business, we can help you get there.



Clear Focus Consulting

A Unique Blend of Coaching and Consulting

Paul Fuggle

Business Strategist
Founder of Clear Focus Consulting

What People Say…

Sarah Jayne Hewitt

Delivers on promises with hard results...

I have known Paul for a few years now. He has always been someone who I trust as he delivers on promises with hard results. I trust Paul’s judgement, recommendations and nature to always be offering wise counsel and assistance. I would certainly love to work alongside Paul again. 
Christine Robinson

By the time you walk out of the door you are already on your way to your goal...

Before I worked with Clear Focus Consulting, I was pretty much stuck. I didn’t have much confidence because I lacked a clear vision of where I wanted to head.

As a result of going through their process I have total clarity, I know completely where I’m heading and I feel very confident about going forward and have already started the process. I loved the interaction of the process as you actually “feel” the process, so that you are already in it. By the time you walk out of the door you are already on your way to your goal.

I’ve gained more confidence in myself and strengthened my faith in the ideas I had to begin with. Paul is great to work with and I recommend the program to throw you forward and cement the ideas you have. 
Julie Gibson

Paul has a strange way of knowing exactly the right question to ask you...

My initial vision, although it came from a place of passion, there was a lot that I felt I should be doing rather than what I wanted to do.

Through working with Paul I’ve identified how to listen to myself and how to filter out all the noise that is other people’s expectations and how to recognise when I’m diverting myself because something might be difficult to do.

Paul has a strange way of knowing exactly the right question to ask you and sometimes you can think “Oh, I hate you!” because there’s no getting away from it, you have to answer the question and it’s always the right one. It’s like they’re magic questions.

All the issues and problems and opportunities I’ve had I’ve been able to talk to Paul as an impartial person who’s not in my “life”, so to speak, and he’s been able to direct me in that impartial, unbiased way.

But at the same time he gets in your head and he knows what it is that’s blocking you, even on the end of a phone. You can say one word and he’ll know that there’s something wrong there. I don’t know how he does it, but you can just answer him with a one word answer and he seems to instinctively know there’s something else behind there.

So he really digs into issues and doesn’t let you wriggle out of things. He’s like a best friend should be. He won’t mollycoddle you if you’re trying to avoid something. He’ll make you confront it but always from a very supportive standpoint.

Definitely give him a ring and have a chat through what you need. 
Yvette Cowles

Paul gave me the confidence to stop playing safe and the tools to realise my dreams...

I worked with Paul Fuggle at a time of my life when I was really lacking direction. Thanks to his coaching I was able to identify what I wanted to do next, establish a clear plan and to take the necessary steps to implement it. Paul's practical yet sensitive approach gave me the confidence to stop playing safe and the tools with which to realise my dreams. I can't recommend him highly enough.